Zhongshan giants Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Since its inception in 1993, 18 years ago wealthy adhering sense life, work conscientiously true principles, focusing on crystal lamp design, development, production, sales, & quot; which exceed customer expectations the value of & quot; as the core concept, in good faith to provide services for the majority of the new and old customers at home and abroad, formed for export customers, hotel projects, villas engineering, distribution agents in different regions, different sizes, different series of lighting products and the demand for solutions, is the lighting industry's top ten brands;

  • In product design, material selection and meticulous process, to better attitude to produce.
  • Each product we strive to achieve the ultimate perfection, giants produced, will be fine!
  • Sincerity, determination, confidence so brilliant giants farther stores throughout the country.

  Giants wholesale crystal lighting professional production of high-grade crystal lamps, copper solder lamps, wrought iron lamps, marble lamps, room lights and other products, following a major star hotel project lamp design samples, and supporting a classical European furniture and ceiling pool. Noble Crystal Lighting Factory has over 18,000 square meters of modern production base, more than 8000 square meters of exhibition hall, hundreds of high-quality professionals. Crystal lighting giants have been adhering & quot; forge ahead, innovation & quot; concept, well-built, has now become one of the lighting industry's most competitive enterprises.

  Giants name Crystal Lighting lamps flagship store, classic boutiques, stores have been everywhere in the country, wealthy sophisticated, high-quality products continue to show up in major markets, wealthy factory strength is also growing, flourishing.

  Sections of various types of lighting giants have wealthy style, kingly. Perfect design needs to achieve perfect quality. Giants Crystal Lighting is a leader in the industry. In product design, material selection and meticulous process, to better attitude to produce.


The crystals are used in Egypt: Asi Hua and other imported Swarovski crystal, 24K gold plating, coating thickness, which is wealthy people dedicated to the customer the most perfect expression. Giants all-copper solder lighting more royal style, the style of the eighteenth century royal residence from Europe, elegant design. Giants Iron Lamp elbow fine, different colors, unique style, full European style. Giants marble lamps Bangbo more atmospheric, using the Spanish alabaster production, style classical style. Noble Hotel project using fiber optic lights, LED new light. Giants warm and elegant room lights.