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Halogen lamp exceeds the demand of GE lighting production line to suspend production

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According to foreign media reports, GE lighting production base is located in Circleville, Ohio city a halogen lamp production line, since November 24th (Monday) will be shutdown for six weeks, to ease the current situation of oversupply.

This production line mainly produces a called "Soft White" halogen lamps. Company said the shutdown will have 50 people affected, half of them will be transferred to the production base of other jobs. This production line last year back to the United States from abroad, and create the 50 jobs, production base of a total of 233 employees.

Company spokesman Alicia Gauer said that the line will resume operation on January 5, employees will return to the original position.

When asked about Soft White sales whether or not meet expectations, Gauer said: "the Soft White is one of the most popular light bulbs on the market at present, we expect this situation to last until 2015. As for this is a temporary shutdown of combining year customer needs and company capacity adjustment results."

In addition, as a GE lighting is located in the United States Bucyrus, Soft White production base, Gauer said she could not determine whether the factory will be shutdown.

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