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LED Lighting LED industry show the economy under the new situation

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With the rapid development of lighting lighting industry, the relevant domestic and international exhibition growing. By comparison, some mature overseas exhibitions and the domestic influence strong exhibition still become manufacturer of hot, and some new exhibition due to small influence, and inadequate experience, tepid, such as weak awareness.


Existence is reasonable, the increase of the number of the exhibition is economic development of the industry industry creatures. For exhibitors, the exhibition about the purpose of the brand promotion, investment promotion, orders. A fair exhibitors can bring much benefits on both sides, and how should the participants play the biggest benefit, this is the new market situation, the exhibition organizers and participants need to plan together, advancing with The Times actively deal with problems.


The exhibition industry that accompanies with the industry economy


Regional exhibition economy and industrial economy photograph accompanies. No you can't have regional exhibition economy regional industrial economy, such as the national famous guzhen lighting industry, it is the ancient town boasting ten years to the success of the strong support; And lights, the name of the town are from the country to the world, to a certain extent is closely connected with ancient town boasting build brand publicity effect. The successful regional exhibition, deserves to be regional industry economy pass a business card.


A regional exhibition economy is active or not, often become the important performance measure of a regional economic vitality. As a new generation of green light source of LED, promote the industry and exhibition industry has been the economy of another wave of heat engines. In recent years, some traditional strong influence of overseas exhibition attracted a large number of domestic manufacturer of lamps and lanterns of the exhibition, such as Frankfurt exhibition, the Hong Kong exhibition, exhibition of Brazil, dubai fair, Japan, Malaysia, India and so on. Choose to attend different exhibition, with various manufacturers of export product positioning, suitable area, and is closely related to the recognition of different exhibition, because the majority of domestic enterprises export way is given priority to with OEM OEM, thus exhibiting the goal of most is given priority to with orders, brand publicity is complementary.


Throughout lighting lighting related to the development of exhibition industry and industry, with the rapid development of domestic lighting lighting industry in the industrial chain upstream and downstream manufacturers increasingly large, various regional exhibition mushrooms arises at the historic moment. At the same time, the pace of economic integration brings the industry constantly broad vision, overseas steps grows, around the overseas related exhibition is inseparable from China's manufacturers.


However, as the industry matures, in the modern information industry, e-commerce promote diversified industry by leaps and bounds, the channel information at the same time, also bring economic potential is the exhibition of stem challenge.


Under the new situation of doubts and challenges


Related to lighting lighting industry exhibition economy, born in the lighting industry's rapid economic development of the soil, it in serving the industry economy at the same time, will be subjected to industry in the process of infiltration and promote economic development.


Traditional exhibition mainly through the provision of the booth, create exchange trading opportunities for channel upstream and downstream, the host's profit way; Supplemented by a variety of forms of BBS activities introduced industry forefront of ideas, to lead the industry. Traditional exhibition pull on the regional industrial economy and the role can not be ignored, thus granted by local government's support and encouragement.


Lighting lighting industry, however, after ten years of rapid development, industry situation and brand seating arrangement has been stable, mature brand enterprise channel, the purpose of the exhibition has been developed from the original order to survive to the subsequent to strengthen the brand influence, the demand for exhibition level has been upgraded, in other words, the meaning of the exhibition for the brand enterprise is the icing on the cake. In comparison, the large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, due to the economic strength limit, business personnel less, through the exhibition, the purpose of investment and order more clear. Participation, however, it is not easy for them, from expensive, decorate and modernize the booth fee to the personnel arrangement, follow up service, especially in new product development several months of preparation, consume, if it can't reach the expected goal, they are not easily try water.


In recent years, LED lighting industry brings the great change, the reconstruction of the brand order while bring new vitality, exhibition economy, however, the previous decades of bedding is bound to accelerate speed of LED industry during the period of integration, the exhibition economy from positioning to function needs to be adjusted to upgrade.


Channels at the same time, the information age brings upstream and downstream information flow, the electricity business channels to bring customers shunt, a sense of the exhibition display promotion, single-function points soup shunt effect. Industry by the primary stage to the mature development continuously, the technology of information age, testing the traditional exhibition economy from different aspects.


Occasional hot discussion


Trade show in the face of new situation emerge in endlessly and homogenous competition, to mature stage of development in lighting lighting industry, how traditional exhibition was able to find a way of pursuing new and change? To this, some industry combined with their own practical experience, for anybody to hot discussion from different angles.


From the point of the exhibition organizers, some people believe that the different types of lighting lighting related exhibition professional is not prominent, many large exhibition to classify by partition, but still not enough clear, the theme is not prominent. This part of the personage proposal, might as well through the crystal lamp, modern lamps and equipment exhibition and other professional category to highlight the theme of the exhibition, show professionalism, implement differentiation.


Another part of people think that, under the new situation of the exhibition organizers the lack of a platform thinking and platform not only provides the booth, but through the integration of various resources grafting, help enterprise to realize the ultimate goal of the exhibition. To this, the ancient town of zhongshan city jinling lighting electrical appliance factory, a deputy general manager XiaoNa party, said if the exhibition organizers to counties and cities around the united lighting association, an exhibition targeted to thousands of distributors to visit procurement, the effect will be different; At the same time, the scene at a two brand promotion, support the small and medium-sized brand of several representative, this will be a single enterprise's competitions organized competitions, enterprises are willing to pay, the organizers also can profit easily.


In terms of enterprises, will also be proactive participation activity and organic combination of the whole marketing system, it is better to cooperate with various channels of offline activities, such as dealer meeting, product launches and other supporting marketing actions, not exhibition for the exhibition. Worth's delight, many lighting lighting enterprises have been conscious of the organic combination of the exhibition economy and form a complete set of marketing action, such as huayi lighting of investment promotion activities, on the eve of the lamp expo xinte li lighting fair during the "whistle" new brand conferences, etc.


And for some experienced export enterprises, some of their experience may subvert the traditional concept in a certain sense. , for example, small white dragon of zhongshan city lighting electric appliance co., LTD., general manager of Wang Wanchuan believes that enterprises to participate in overseas exhibitions will not need all the company's new product all moved to the site, but carefully selected a few representative products in local most marketable to the exhibition, which reflects professional. Crown Chen Qiubin lighting marketing director introduces, Japan, Taiwan and other places customer very cautious, they often through successive exhibition investigation, to determine whether an enterprise has continued strength and research and development ability, thus to factory inspection, or the first time cooperation.


Practitioners experience each has his strong point. At the same time, no matter how spring rolls on commercial, only advancing with The Times, lighting lighting exhibition economy can eternal vitality, advantage forever.

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