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"E-commerce" layout of the global lighting market

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"Currently, we are to meet the tide of electronic commerce, began to layout online market actively, dynamic pulse consumption." The company in the domestic market sales manager gu bo said.


With the vigorous development of domestic e-commerce, many enterprises are also from the wait-and-see attitude directly into practical action, have set up e-commerce marketing team, to cope with the impact of the online sales of offline sales.


"' do thought of giant, action of iron man," has been our enterprise slogan. Electricity this cake has begun to mature over the years, the human cost is low, and electricity companies also began to pay attention to the combination of online and offline marketing mode, to online sales as a breakthrough point, in order to open up an outlet." Gu bo said.


It is reported that this year the company has set up e-commerce team, in taobao, alibaba and other electric business platform for product sales "testing the waters".

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