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Belt charging for mobile LED display remaining power

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For modern people, may not be more anxious than mobile phone without electricity. And in order to cope with this situation, we usually buy mobile power supply, but the problem of mobile power supply is: although different shapes, but do not really carry portability. If you have this kind of trouble, at the same time, you are a male, then below the belt may be able to help you.

Is now in the indiegogo raise website to raise the XOO, is a belt with built-in lithium battery, nature is the main selling point for charging the mobile phone at any time. Belt with built-in 1300 mah + 800 mah lithium batteries, cleverly integrated into the buckle and the connection part, and the internal integration in a micro USB cable for charging the mobile phone. In addition, belt buckle part with LED lights, to display the remaining power.

2100 mah battery capacity, although is not very big, but enough for the iPhone or samsung S5 6 models provide at least 80% of its electricity, such as better you don't have to carry the bags or take in the hands of mobile power supply, it tied on the waist. The prototype of the belt is expected to price of about $155 (RMB 950), is not cheap, if successfully raise money, we'll soon see it in the market.

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